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No Memory is as Scary as the Ones You’ve Lost

Book of Days                                                by James L. Rubart

Imagine whole chunks of your memory disappearing.  Imagine your dad died with the same symptoms.  Scary, huh?  Now imagine your dad died 8 years ago at age 49.  Imagine yourself spiraling into this abyss when you’re only 25.  Cameron Vaux doesn’t need to imagine it–he’s living it.

When Cameron’s dad died 8 years ago he warned him that this day would come.  He also told him about a book of days where God records every moment of every persons life.  He told Cameron that if he can find this book it may cure him.  Six years later, on her deathbed after a tragic accident, his wife Jesse tells him the same thing.

Although quite agnostic, Cameron is determined to try anything that may spare him.   Jesse’s foster-sister Ann, and Cameron have a cold distant relationship, but she is an investigative reporter so he contacts her for help.  She reluctantly agrees, and the story takes off.

This book was hard to put down.  It’s the kind of book that can make you stay up until 3AM without noticing.  The characters have great depth and the settings are at times beyond description.

James Rubart is one of the best new authors to come onto the fiction scene in quite a while.  His meaningful, gripping tales are the product of superb storytelling.  His exciting tales contain that extra twist that makes the difference between a good book and a great book.

5 Star Worthy

When can a suspense novel be life changing?

Over the Edge           by Brandilyn Collins

Brandilyn Collins delivers yet another stay-up-all-night-till-you-finish read with the release of her new suspense novel Over the Edge.

Janessa McNeil seemed to be living the best time of her life until someone purposely infected her with Lyme disease.  Why would someone do this to the  friendly, likable housewife and mother?   Janessa’s husband is one of the leading researchers discounting the existence of chronic Lyme disease, and the perpetrator believes that seeing his own wife suffer will cause change the mind of the unfeeling Dr. Brock McNeil.  What the perpetrator doesn’t realize is that things aren’t as they seem in the McNeil marriage, and Janessa will soon be left alone to deal with a disabling disease her husband thinks is all in her mind.  Now, the perpetrator is threatening to infect the McNeil’s nine year old daughter as well.  Since Dr. McNeil believes this to be a ruse by his wife, and Janessa is too sick to even think, what is to stop him from succeeding?

Drawn from the pages of the authors own battle with chronic Lyme disease, this is a book that will grip you and not let you go.  Deep characters, an amazing plot, and filled with Brandilyn Collins trademark Seatbelt Suspense, this book shares a message that will reach to your heart.   If  you, or someone you know suffers from Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, or has undiagnosed muscle weakness, joint pain, or confused thinking, this book is an absolute must read.   If not, it is still one amazing work of art.

Definitely 5 Star Worthy

This book was given to me by NetGalley for review purposes.  All opinions rendered are my own.

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