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Jimmy by Robert Whitlow

Robert WhitlowJimmy is a tale of growing up told through the eyes of a young teenage boy who’s not quite the same as everyone else.  Jimmy knows others call him special or retarded, and that he doesn’t always understand the things he sees.  But Jimmy sees lots of things that others don’t, –like the “watchers”, or as him mom calls them, angels.  Jimmy’s mom calls him special too, but when she say’s it the word has a different meaning, a meaning that makes him feel like she’s giving him a great big hug.

Even though Jimmy doesn’t understand everything he sees, he remembers it all with a vivid accuracy.  That’s why his father, a prominent attorney, has asked him to be a defense witness in an upcoming criminal.  What happens next will change everything.

I originally stumbled upon this book by accident, picking it up at a yard sale.  It’s well worn binding and stained edges showed it to be a book that had been well read and much loved by it’s owner.  I began reading it,unprepared for the emotional investment I was going to feel, and without the necessary box of tissues by my side.

This book is a work of art, an understanding into the simplicity of the human soul of a child the world tends to take for granted.

I eventually replaced my worn yard sale copy of this book with a new copy because it is a book I plan on having on my shelf for a long time to come.

This book is definitely worthy of five stars.

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