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Victim Found with Skull Knife Protruding From Chest

Mark MynheirThe Corruptible                                                              by Mark Mynheir

Ray Quinn isn’t doing much better these days.  The ex-homicide detective turned private investigator never envisioned himself chasing cheating spouses and getting beat up by enraged husbands. When a new client emerges offering him a check for his services that has more zero’s than he’s ever seen  Ray knows he should be suspicious.  But, wow, if he takes the case he won’t have to worry about taking cheating spouse cases for a very long time.

On the surface the case seems simple: find Logan Ramsey.  Logan is an ex-undercover cop who Ray worked with briefly back when he first came on the force.  After an incident where Logan let classified information slip  and almost caused the death of multiple officers, he was let go from the force.  Now working for Ray’s client, Logan has supposedly taken off with extremely valuable and secret client information.  Of course rarely do cases ever turns out to be simple, and this one’s no exception.

When Logan turns up dead in a seedy hotel, there are  suspects everywhere.  Could it be the biker gang he infiltrated years ago? A woman he wronged?  His estranged daughter? His employer? This was not a well liked guy.

Ray is accompanied by his ever faithful sidekick Crevis,  his constant companions Jim (Beam) and Joe (coffee), and Pam who’s sincere worry for his soul keeps her nearby.  Together they beat the trail trying to find the elusive answers, but when bullets start flying into Ray’s office window, he knows he’s getting close.  The only question is weather he will live long enough to find what he’s looking for.

A impeccably well written detective story, The Corruptible is sure to please.  The characters are honest and true to life.  Ray’s slow journey from agnostic to considering God is well written, but not preachy.  The pace is quick and contains just the right amount of twists and turns.  This is the second Ray Quinn mystery Mark Mynheir has written (the first being The Night Watchman), and  hopefully he will continue the series in the future.

5 Star Worthy


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